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It never ceases to amaze parents on Christmas morning. They have given the perfect gift, an amazingly big awesome thing! Mom and Dad watch with anticipation as their child rips through the wrapping paper. It’s hard to tell who is more excited, the child or the parents. When finally the wrapping paper is torn away and the gift is revealed the child’s excitement exceeds that of the parents. The joy shines from their smiling face. The box is opened the toy removed and fawned over. But sometime later something strange happens. The child who was so excited about the toy in the box is no longer playing with the toy they are playing with the box it came in.

What keeps potential from becoming reality? What is it that separates those who are wildly successful from those who seem to be just existing? Let’s face it, we all want to be Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, or any of the myriads of people who seem to have, by some mixture of talent and luck, changed the world. Is it really luck though that has allowed these people to execute on world changing ideas? What keeps you and me from achieving those things? I have come to believe it’s the boxes!

Thinking outside the box means that we are still living inside the box.

The truth is we all have boxes in our lives.   Boxes, wherever they come from, are the things that keep individuals from achieving. The boxes that surround our lives are created by our environment, our childhood, our family, our schooling, our friends, our mentors, our culture all of these and so much more contribute to the construction of the boxes that constrain us. In order to push ahead and live up our potential we have to recognize the boxes that contain us and decide to live a “boxless” life!


No doubt you have heard the phrase: “think outside the box.” This common idiom seems to encourage people to greater things by focusing their mind outside of the “boxes”. The problem with this idiom is… it’s worthless! When we “think outside the box” we have for a moment moved our minds outside of our boxes. We may come up with an idea or have a great thought outside the box, but after that we jump right back in and begin to work and live from inside the box.


What if every thought we had happened without boxes? What if the struggles, successes, opportunities, decisions, challenges, failures, relationships, etc. in our lives were seen from a boxless perspective? That’s what a boxless life, a life without limits, really is.