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Candy In The Driveway

Candy In The Driveway

Last night we had a great time visiting with some friends and doing some trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  We had somewhat of a party in our driveway complete with witches brew (homemade root beer smoking with dry ice).  Part of the Smith family tradition includes running out of the candy we bought to give away, so each year we start giving away the stuff that the kids have collected.  This year I was determined not to let this happen so I braved the zoo at Wal-Mart to buy 4 additional bags of candy.  I thought this would be enough, but had to have some reserves, so we sent The Witch (Allison), The Chef (Kate), and The Cheerleader (Emily) out to collect as much as they could.

They brought home their bags of candy and true to form we ran out of the candy we had bought and had to break into the reserves.  I told Allison to go and sort through her candy and take out what she didn’t want so that we could give it away, no sense in giving away the good stuff!  Allison promptly did what she was told, but there was one problem… her choice of location.  She decided that the front of the driveway would be a good place to do the sorting, and by the way, why not eliminate the middle man.  So… as all the neighbors walked up buckets outstretched looking for a “good treat” Allison would look through the “spread” of candy laid out in the driveway and decide which piece to give them.  There she sat, selectively picking through the candy laid out across the driveway and giving out the “second class” candy like small boxes of nerds and little packs of smarties.

Of course I immediately helped her scoop all of her candy back into her bucket and move the procedure into the house.  The big question is… how do you explain to your child that when we are sorting through the candy to keep the best for ourselves and give away the “bad” stuff it’s not polite to let everyone see us.   In other words, it’s important for us to keep our selfish sorting to ourselves!

In life we don’t like to spread our mess out and do our work in front of people, but sometimes that’s just what needs to happen.  The truth is, everyone knows that life is messy.  Everyone has a mess and knows that you have one too, so don’t be afraid to dump your mess out in front of everyone and get to work on finding the good stuff.  That’s what it means to life a BOXLESS LIFE.

  • Teresa Ator
    Posted at 23:00h, 01 November Reply

    That is hilarious!! We have done that the last couple years, give away some of the pounds that our 4 children have collected! I love it and am glad that you are blogging again!! I missed you guys!

  • Mom (Janice)
    Posted at 12:29h, 06 November Reply

    It’s not really bad that one day a year you can keep the good candy and give away the candy you don’t like. There really is no such thing as “bad” candy is there? It’s not Selfish Sorting, it’s giving with discretion.

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