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Kicking Over Hurdles

Kicking Over Hurdles

I am not built for hurdles!  One look at me and you can tell.  Hurdlers are tall and fast and glide over the hurdles with a stride not a jump.  Not me… but in high school when you are on the track team and coach asks who wants to run hurdles, you don’t know any better so you volunteer!  That’s how I found myself in the middle lane between 9 other much taller and much faster athletes at a meet.

I had practiced hurdles and rather than stride over them I ran up to them and jumped with everything to get over.  I wanted to be like the other guys and just lift my leg and gracefully glide over the hurdle.  So I tried!  I realized at the first hurdle that if I tried to just glide over the hurdle my foot landed perfect in the middle of it and toppled it right over, and that was fast.  I proceeded to run the next 110 years pushing down every hurdle with one fast pass.  So fast in fact that I didn’t even notice the carnage behind me.  Hurdles flew into the other lanes people tripped, runners fell, dreams were shattered!  Needless to say, I was disqualified and never allowed to run the hurdles again.  Thinking about this made me think about some of the hurdles we face in life, and although I was never great at it I did learn some things about getting over the hurdles.

So, here are three tips on getting over the hurdles in your life:

1)  Use your momentum!  When you run hurdles, correctly, you just run fast and you let your momentum carry you over the hurdle.  In life it’s no different.  Often when we see challenges ahead we slow down or even stop instead of speeding up.  DON’T!  Don’t slow down, don’t stop, don’t wait.  You are doing great, speeding along in life, don’t let the challenges kill your momentum.  Keep going and use that momentum to propel you past the challenges.

2)  Commit everything you’ve got!  You can’t get over the hurdles going half way.  You can’t decide too late that you are going to jump.  You can’t hesitate or hold back.  You have to commit.  So, you don’t have enough money, have a broken relationship, are addicted, have lost someone, need a job… whatever your hurdles are decide today to commit everything and start overcoming!  Don’t hold back, give it everything you’ve got and soon you will look back and see a line of hurdles you just overcame.

3)  Keep your head up!  Its one of the first things they teach you about running and especially running hurdles.  There is a huge temptation to look down, to watch your feet or the track in front of you as you run, but if you do that you lose the perspective of the race.  It’s slows you down and can even throw you off track.  Keep your head up.  This keeps you focused on whats ahead of you.  When you are facing hurdles in life you need to stay focused on what’s past the hurdle.  You can’t focus on the situation of your life, you have to focus on the trajectory of your life.  When you do, the hurdles look smaller and pass under you quicker.

Bonus:  Don’t be afraid to kick over some hurdles!  Sometimes in life you just have to kick the hurdles over and get to the end.  It’s not good in an actual hurdle race, but in life it’s awesome!
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