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Palm Valley Church Spring Carnival

Palm Valley Church Spring Carnival

No plans this Saturday?  Why not join us for the Spring Carnival at Palm Valley Church.  It is going to be a blast!  The egg drop is what I can’t wait for.  They are going to drop 30,000 eggs from a helicopter!  I am not exactly sure how this works out… are the eggs made of titanium so they don’t break?  What happens to the unlucky kid who is in the center of the drop zone and gets covered with 30,000 candy filled eggs?  How low does the helicopter come down to drop the eggs and will the blowing dust bother my sensitive eyes?  So many questions… I guess the only way to answer them all is to experience it this Saturday!  See you there… if the dust from the helicopter doesn’t ruin my vision.

  • Teresa Ator
    Posted at 15:51h, 11 March Reply

    No post for so long and then you back with comedy central!! You are hilarious. I wish we could be at your spring carnival! That sounds like a blast! How are you guys? Emily’s arm? I too am full of questions!!! Love you, Teresa

  • Shelly
    Posted at 19:38h, 14 March Reply

    Sean, Sean, Sean, How many times have I told you not to expose your sensitive girl-ee side on the web? It’s just WRONG on so many levels: well, I will bring you some protective eye-wear because I don’t want you to be unhappy. OK, Rooster-my-man, we’ll C U 2morrow~

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