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Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage

What’s keeping us inside our boxes? What is it that makes us live our lives inside the walls with the lid closed, instead of breaking out of it and becoming what we were meant to be? For whole bunch of us it is straight up SELF SABOTAGE that does it! We decide for some reason that we are not good enough, too weak, too undeserving, or even too normal to have the extraordinary life without a box. So, we sabotage ourselves! We make bad decisions, we take on too much and start dropping the ball, we drive people who care away, and sometimes we just stay right where we are. We decide that life is what it is, we will just keep doing “the thing” and never go! None of us really want that though, so how do we stop? Here are 4 things that might help.

1) Remember your life is what you DECIDE not DESERVE – None of us have the life we deserve, our failures and flaws are all different, but they are all their. Stop worrying about what life you deserve and start building the life you decide. When you decide to become what you were meant to be your focus shifts from where you are to where you are going. When you decide to build the life you want the pieces don’t fall into place, YOU PUT THEM INTO PLACE! So DECIDE what your life should be and make it so.

2) Stop COMPARING and start CONNECTING – Most of our issues come because we compare the behind the scenes footage of our lives to everyone else’s highlight reel. We compare ourselves to the ones who “have it all together” or “know what they’re doing”, but here’s the truth… they don’t! So, stop comparing yourself to the people around you and start connecting with them. When you connect with people, I mean really connect with them you begin to realize we are all a bunch of messed up people trying our best to get through a day.

3) Focus on the JOY not the JUNK – Too much of our lives points to the junk, if you don’t believe that just turn on the news for a few minutes. The surest way to get caught in a cycle of self sabotage is to keep focusing on the junk in our lives and forget about the joy in them. Take a minute to remember the sunset and the smiles that you saw yesterday. Take a second to laugh at the silliness of some of the things around you, like how pizza is sold by the slice… who the heck just eats one slice of pizza!

4) Take a STEP not a SEAT – Stop sitting down and start moving. You’ve decided where you are going, now make a plan and start! You want a new job but need a degree, enroll in a class… it doesn’t have to be all of them, just one. Your step doesn’t have to be a giant leap for all of mankind that takes you exactly to the destination of the perfect life that you’ve always dreamed… it just has to be a step. Find one thing today will move you forward to where you want to be and DO IT!

People, we try to ruin our own lives… Sometimes we see it, but most of the time it hides from us. Today, let’s break out of the box and not let the self sabotage keep us there.

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