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Service vs Work

Service vs Work

So… this morning I headed outside to mow the lawns.  If you have seen our backyard you know that this is no small task… it is kind of like mowing a park… and I don’t even have a self propelled mower.  I have noticed that when I go outside to mow my lawn it is sooo much hotter and I get soooo much sweatier than when I spend an entire day outside painting or working at another persons house.  I think it is like this in many areas of life.  It is always easier to clear the table and do the dishes, or to fix a broken toilet, work on a computer or do some yardwork at someone elses house.  These things that I despise doing at my own house I don’t mind at all doing for someone else.

I think this is the difference between service and work.  At home it is work… I don’t want to do it, I need to do it.  To do it for someone else changes the category from work to service…

For some reason I think Shelley would like to change the address on the outside of our house so that I can “pretend” I am doing it for someone else… and get some of the stuff done around here that has gone undone!

  • Mom (Janice)
    Posted at 11:40h, 08 July Reply

    This would explain why the paneling in my entry way isn’t finished yet after 15 years. Maybe I should think about changing the address on the outside of the house.

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