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Shelley Needs A Blog

Shelley Needs A Blog

Shelley sent me this email yesterday… I think she needs her own blog… she is very funny!

“Red Bull is expensive. I saw it at the gas station. Those cans are small and they’re on sale for $2.50. Now, I’ve never bought a Red Bull, nor have I ever tasted one, so I don’t really know if that’s a good price or not. I do know that gas stations can be on the high side, but if it’s advertised big in the front window, it must be a decent price. These energy drinks seem to be all the rage. It says that it “vitalizes body and mind.” I have to admit, I lean more toward the mind theory. Do you feel like running a marathon after you’ve had a Red Bull? Allison says her teacher drinks them. Does it give you superhuman strength to handle 30 3rd graders? I’ve also seen energy drinks called Amp and Donkey Kick. Now, donkeys may have a lot of energy (although I’m not quite sure of this. I do know that they use donkeys at the Grand Canyon to carry all your stuff. I suppose they must be pretty strong.), but they aren’t that smart. Amp reminds me of loud music, which also can give you that high energy feel. In high school, sleeping until noon, a thirstbuster of Diet Coke, high score on Pac Man, and big hair (thanks to a can of Aqua Net) gave me a burst of energy. After all that, I went out of the house feeling pretty good. I really never got into the Jolt thing. What happened to that? Not good enough anymore? Now there’s Starbucks with double shots and all these crazy energy things. I even saw energy Jelly Bellys at the store. Now, they were $3 for a pack of 5 individual servings. That may be more amps or watts for your money. I say, stick a light bulb in your ear. So, as I may submit once again, is this all in the mind of the drinker, or does it really stimulate your metabolism, improve reaction speed, and increase endurance? It may give a gym membership a run for its money. There’s my thoughts on that. Just in case you were wondering.”

  • Shelly F-W
    Posted at 22:04h, 01 April Reply


    Until now I had only suspected you two were very well-suited for each other.

    Now it is CLEAR that you are PERFECT for one another.

    This new crystalized realization and me without a light bulb in my ear nor a bull in my belly- what’s a gal to do?

  • The Lunsfords
    Posted at 22:07h, 01 April Reply

    YOU are the one to take over Lori’s family blog, Shelley!!! You’ve just proven it!!!!! 🙂 Thanks for the birthday call for Ella…she LOVED it 🙂

  • Mom (Janice)
    Posted at 12:23h, 02 April Reply

    I WAS wondering! I agree with you Sean, Shelley needs her own blog. Or at least be a “guest writer” on yours. I love you Shelley!

  • Teresa Ator
    Posted at 07:47h, 04 April Reply

    You can get a 4 pack of red bulls at walmart for $5….. Not that I have ever purchased one, but I have tasted one and they didn’t do any amazing energizing magic on me, just an expensive cold cup of coffee I guess. You are hilarious Shelley!!

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