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Stuck In The Bathroom

Stuck In The Bathroom

It began on the plane ride from Haiti to Atlanta.  Returning from a missions trip, I was to meet my wife for a weekend in Atlanta, and my skin was on fire.  Some kind of rash was making it’s way from my neck to my toes with a vengeance.  So I found myself in the tiny airplane bathroom trying to twist and turn just the right way to get a view of my back in the mirror.  It wasn’t pretty.  Little did I know that the worst was yet to come!  By the time I exited the plane it felt like a circus of fleas had been performing on my body for the past several months.  I needed to do something!  I ran straight to the bathrooms, wanting to rip my shirt off and rub my back on the nearest stucco wall.  Luckily the bathrooms in the Atlanta airport have no doors, just a quick run around the corner.  In a matter of seconds I was in the stall, the door was locked, and my shirt was torn from my body.  I am not sure what my plan was, the bathroom stall walls are no good for scratching your back.  Just as I got my shirt off I heard it… CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.  Hmmm, those didn’t sound like mens shoes.  With curiosity and a growing fear I bent over and looked beneath the stall door.  I was struck with sheer terror at what I saw.  There, walking through the bathroom was a pair of red high heels, and they were connected to female legs!  I was in the LADIES ROOM!

Imagine with me the thoughts racing through my mind.  Here I am half dressed in a stall in the Women’s Restroom, and I know there is at least one lady in here with me.  News headlines flashed through my mind:  “Pastor Arrested, Found Disrobing In the Ladies Room.”  Just as I thought it could not get any worse… my phone started ringing!  Shelley’s plane had landed and she was looking for me.  I didn’t think she was going to like where she would find me.

What should I do?  There were so many things to consider.  How many other women were in the restroom?  Would they be leaving or would more be coming?  Were any of them law enforcement?  I knew that at least one other plane had just landed so there were bound to be lots of ladies who didn’t want to use the tiny airplane bathroom and would be on there way to me very soon.  I had no idea what to do.  I did realize one thing though, the most dangerous thing I could do was NOTHING!

Are you with me?  Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have no idea what your next move is?  Maybe you are there right now, in a spot where it seems like every option you have is bad.  The truth is that probably not every option is bad.  There might be some good moves that you just can’t see, but one thing is for certain… the most dangerous thing you can do is nothing.  When you find yourself in an impossible position, take a deep breath and do something!  Just move!  Take your best option and GO.  Too many times in life we sit back and wait for things to get better.  We hope that as the world moves around us, the situation will change and we will have a clear awesome path forward.  It might, but maybe not.  Do something.

When Joseph found himself in the impossible situation being tempted by Potiphar’s wife, he ran.  There were really no good options for him, so he took the most logical option there was and got the heck out of there.  So, that’s exactly what I did in Atlanta.  I ran!  Well actually I put my shirt back on first, and then I ran.  I put my head down, opened the stall door, and left the restroom as quickly as I could.  Hopefully the woman putting on her makeup thought that the blur passing by just looked a little masculine!  I didn’t just leave the restroom, I left the area.  I went as quickly as I could to the other side of the airport.  Checking behind me for the police that I was sure were following me, I tried to blend into the crowds.

It might be today or it might be in the future, but you will face a time when you just don’t know what to do.  My advice, GO!  And start living a BOXLESS LIFE!

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