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What A Mess!

What A Mess!

I think the official temperature today was 113 degrees… whatever the official was… the actual was HOT!  It was the kind of hot that makes you feel like you stepped into an oven when you walk outside.  So this afternoon I was feeling bad for the dogs who were outside laying on the grass basking in the sun… did I say basking?   I think I meant baking!  So as Shelley and the girls went to a birthday party and I prepared to host a meeting I let the dogs in to enjoy the air conditioning.  When people began arriving for the meeting I put the dogs in “their room”.  Their room is the room where we have our pool table, it is the room where we have a “crate” for Henry and a great big soft pillowy dog bed for Hannah.  I think if I were a dog I would have appreciated the kind gesture, I don’t think they did.

As the meeting drew to a close I thought I should let the dogs outside, it was 8pm now and it had cooled down to only about 100 degrees so I thought they could handle being outside for a minute.  As I opened the door I was immediately hit by the fresh scent of cedar!  Why cedar you ask… well that is part of what used to… yes used to fill the big pillowy dog bed.  It was… yes was stuffed with cotton and little cedar chips for a fresh scent.  While I was sitting just feet away having a nice quiet meeting the dogs were there in that room tearing the dog bed to shreds.  It was hard to see the carpet through all the stuffing on the floor.  I put the dogs outside and left the mess for Shelley… to see, not to clean up!

Later while I was cleaning up I had this thought.  This is how God must feel sometimes…

I think God often takes us out of the uncomfortable and sometimes painful situations of our lives and put us in a place where we can experience His blessings and we just tear everything up!  There are so many times that God must look down on us and wonder… “what were you thinking?”  But amazingly He never stops loving us.  As I vacuumed up the mess I wondered… how and when will they learn not to do things like this?

God loves us, He never stops loving us, but I have to think He often wonders how and when we will learn not to squander his blessings and make a mess of everything.

  • Mom (Janice)
    Posted at 10:52h, 18 June Reply

    I like this one. Unlike us though, your puppy should learn by 1 – 1 1/2 years not to tear things up. Just remember, again unlike us, once he learns you’ll have a very faithful friend who will very seldom mess up. Love you!

  • The Lunsfords
    Posted at 16:02h, 24 June Reply

    You are definitely a preacher…making a sermon illustration out of everything. I love it! Very insightful, Brother Sean!


  • Shelly F-W
    Posted at 22:26h, 25 June Reply


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